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The Importance of Independence

Growing up as an only child, I learned really fast how to be on my own. Did I ever feel lonely? Of course. Did I ever wish I had siblings? Many times (even though my army of cousins were always there to keep my company). But what I've learned from growing up as an only child is that it has taught me from a really early age how to be independent.

Being independent can mean so many things for different people. It can be financially, physically, or even mentally. In all honesty, being independent is whatever makes you feel like you are accomplishing things on your own for yourself. For me, my first step of being independent was when I learned to drive. I felt so much power in being able to get myself to the places I needed to be and not have to rely on my parents or my family to help me get there. It was and continues to be something I'm proud of, despite it just being a small little thing.

When I started University, I felt a whole new level of independence. From commuting back …

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